About Us

Our Team

Garrett Reynolds, Founder: As the founder of Formulae, Garrett has over 25 years of experience in formulation development.  With a passion for life sciences, Garrett had a dream of working primarily in the natural space and started the company at a time when natural products were rare.  He has an innate understanding of the R&D process as well as vast knowledge of raw materials, with particular expertise in non traditional preservation.  Garrett has a loyal fan base among Formulae’s customers.


Rich Batting, Project and Business Development Manager: Starting with Formulae in 2011, Rich works as the link between all customers and the lab.  While he had not considered the personal care industry previously, his strong background in customer-facing positions and love of helping others has made Formulae a perfect fit.  Rich is often the first contact for potential customers and he most enjoys getting to know new people and understanding their needs.  With degrees in both Sociology and Counseling, he has a unique ability to walk others through difficult situations and help make the development process less overwhelming.


Mike Cooley, R&D Manager: With over 20 years of experience and a degree in Biology, Mike has been with the company since 2014.  He has 11 years previous experience as a product development chemist at a contract manufacturer.  Mike is an expert in natural formulation and loves projects that make him think outside the box and push the envelope with new textures and applications.  His excellent relationships with suppliers ensure that he has access to the most up to date information,  Mike keeps the lab focused and grounded with his calm demeanor.


Christian Merkovsky, Formulation Chemist:  Christian has been with Formulae since early 2021 and has over 5 years of cosmetic lab experience, including production oversight and developing prototypes.  With a background in bio-engineering and a graduate certificate in analytical chemistry, Christian most enjoys designing new products and has a gift for reverse-engineering.  Not only is he a very creative thinker, but he is also our in-house DJ.